Monday, September 10, 2012

As the summer ends

It’s been a few!
Life has been busy, the summer proving to be far more active than I expected. I never thought much of the summer; many people say summer is the busiest part of the year, with is long day’s warm weather. I can’t say that holds true for me normally, this year would be an exception. I had a ton of activities and many trips starting from April. I’m actually hoping things can slow down through September and most of October. Because starting October 25th through the end of the year things will be crazy busy.
I’ve got one east coast wedding, plus a drive home from said east coast, if everything works out the way that I want.

Adding one more thing to my list of too much to do; some how I got talked into participating in two damn fantasy football leagues again. I always say I’m not going to do any. By doing so, I hope I only get dragged into one. But once again I failed to keep it singular. At least these ones are free.

After a few months of healing my hurt pinky, I think I’m going to a specialist after all. I don’t think it’s going to heal any better than it already has without help.  Just mark it down as one more stupid thing I’ve done to my body in the name of sports!

I feel the end of my edits for Corporate Policy coming on! I can’t wait be done! There is going to be a little celebration around here! It will feel good to compile it up and send it over to my copy editor! I’ve been itching to just enjoy sometime with new writing, but I’ve been good and not started till I get through these edits!
There is just so much discipline to being creative!

What I’ve been reading:
Assassin Series by Robin Hobb – This covers the three books, I’ve just finished the last of them. It really felt like a long read to me. Like I was loosing progress on my goal of 100 books this year. But I’m right on schedule and there is nothing to be worried about.  This series has a major muddle in the middle and it doesn’t go away easy. It’s most of the third book. I’m shocked to be honest because the first two books were awesome. I have to say some of the story in the books is shocking if you’ve actually met the writer! I’m going to take a break from the world Hobb writes, but I will come back soon. Promise.

Apathy and Other Small Victories by Paul Neilan – This book had me laughing on the first page and it had me in hysterics at points. It was one of the funniest things I have ever read. It’s one you really should add to your reading list. If you’ve enjoyed anything by Max Berry, it’s a good match. My only disappointment is, the book was written in 2007 and he’s never written another book (that I can find) after. I hope he does at some point; I think I’d enjoy it.
I get the feeling after his first book was so good, he’s gotten a case of the writers block.

Definitely, Maybe – My wife and I have been buying all the movies of one actor as kind of a joke. I started doing it with Rachel Leigh Cook and so her actor of choice was Ryan Reynolds. It was her night to pick and her choice was this gem. I don’t mean that sarcastically, I really enjoyed the movie and I can’t believe that I hadn’t heard anything about it before Amazon delivered it to me. It was a sweet movie, with a real edge about how couples can separate and a unique look on how it doesn’t have to be all drama.

18th Angel – this was my movie with Rachel Leigh Cook starting.  It was rather bad and total cheese. Never own it, never watch it.  I’m happy it only cost me three bucks! I will miss the Spock hand clock.

Beacon by Two Door Cinema Club – All the bands I like or even know about are releasing new albums this year! It’s been a great year for my iPod and a bad year for my pocket book! This band I’d only first heard about a few months ago. I picked up their first album and I was already begging for more! Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long. Their second album released on the 4th of September. If you haven’t given them a listen, take my word for it, worth a spin. Very fun happy music.