Friday, June 10, 2016

Hello old friend

“Hey, are you still writing?”
Yes, in fact I write all the time. Every day with a taxing amount of thought behind it.
“Book Three of Dinatech?”
Let me George R. R. Martin the shit out of that for you.
“From Beer to Apocalypse?”
Tons written, you might even see it soon.
“What else have you been working on?”
Six different books, one horror, and a lot of Young Adult Romance.
“Why aren’t we seeing any of it?”
Because I’ve been focused internally. Completely underground. Reflective and personal. Stories, Poems, all of it.
I’ve been writing what I want, when I want and I’ve come the conclusion, I'm not trying to sell just to sell. It will come when it's ready. Don't force it. People can see when you force something. Dinatech wasn't forced, and I think it's why it's my favorite. 
So, in a way, I’ve fallen back on my old career like a heroin addict returns to the needle. I'm focused back on tech. You might say that’s a harsh analogy for a career that most people are proud to work in. But there is a certain amount of mental abuse you must put yourself through to be here. It’s long hours, highly competitive, and thankless. All that said, I love it. I love what I do and I like the people I work (do drugs) with.
How is that not a drug?
I guess, I should have said something before now. I guess, I felt many of you already knew that I’d fallen off the wagon. So, what was left to say?
So now that I’m done making one of the best years of my life sound dark...

I now know the next two things I want the world to see, but they will come when they are ready.  I’ve been writing every day… *HAHAHA*  I've been writing but not a lick editing. I did the math. Because, whenever I really want to know something I always look at the numbers. 
I’ve done close to a million words and not touched a red pen once. That might have panicked me alot as well. 
It’s time that I picked up the red pen and got back into the editors chair. I think that’s why I’m writing this blog.
Just a little wave from my writing desk.
Yes I’m still here.
No, you can’t see it yet.

Okay, I take that back. I did help a fellow writer, he’d taken a break when his daughter was born. He’d asked me and others if we could write a few short stories to cover his down time.
I’d posted a copy of it to my own blog. It’s a short horror story called, Velvet Room.