Sunday, January 15, 2012

Progress and shopping

I'm starting to wrap up work on my longer full size novel that I have lovingly named "The Devil n Jack" It was a book that I started thinking that I had a lovely 50K story and found that no, I really had a 100K story and if I really wanted to get into some details it could be closer to 120K. I don't know how it happened that I could work the plot this long, but it did and I'm shocked, but at the same time, I'm ever so pleased.
There has been some questions in the book that will have to be figured out, the Devil has been trying to out smart me and almost won twice! It's been hard on me!

I also started early work on a new book idea, more details next time, I'm still playing with it.
I'm also exited because by the time that we next talk I'll be started editing on Electric Disease : Corporate Policy! I know I have a few people out there that are looking forward to the further adventures of Clara and Dan. I too, look forward to rewrite, I miss them as well! :)
I got to talking with a friend of mine how the brick and mortar stores are all dying, and he told me it's a real shame that they are. I thought about his comment a moment then shook my head. "I don't really think it's a shame at all. I mean, if people aren't going to shop there, but they are buying things online, then apparently people aren’t going to miss them."
People don't want or need to test drive their products anymore. My friend said that was something that he always liked to do before he bought a camera or any of his electronics. I on the other hand I told him about how I'd bought my projector for my house. I'd done the loop around the county with my brother. We only found one projector, it was at Best Buy. What they hand was just a gutted display model and it was just sitting on a shelf where I couldn't even see it in action. The only place that comes to mind where I might have been able to see and projector running, would have be Magnolia Hi-Fi (Now owned by Best Buy) but the only one that I know of was a good 30 mile jaunt and beyond my willing effort.
So off to the webs I went. I found, after about an hour of reading reviews that if you are going to buy a projector, you really ARE shopping online because no one carries them (good to know). Searching more reviews I found a few of the better models, I have to say these people really seemed to know their stuff. I knew after a little bit of reading I really wanted to get my hands on a Panasonic and so thanks to my trusty Amazon I had one delivered next day (with my prime account it was only 4 bucks extra on shipping) and was playing with it less than 24 hours after I'd put my money dollars for it. My two thousand dollar order didn't go to a brick and mortar store and thanks to some great reviews I've been very happy with my projector and I don't wish I could tested them side by side in the store.
So this is what I've come to believe, retails stores are dying because of the following things:
  1. They don't have what I want in the store.
  2. If they carry it at the store it's out of stock.
  3. When I do find something I want to buy I have to deal with having turn down 2 different magazine subscriptions and a frequent buyers program (that might or might not be free).
  4. Web stores are 24 hours, every day all day.
  5. Price tag. Not always a deal for me, but it is for most and I can't blame them, money is money.
This is really just a long winded way to say that I'm missing book stores! One of the stores are that are dying with them is book stores. I know that t don't sound like it, but after showing you that you can do well with internet shop. I do enjoy browsing books; the feel the weight in my hand. There aren't many left out there and while e-readers are out selling books I still love the idea of shifting through stacks of books finding the next thing I should read. I love having a large shelf filled with spines to browse.
I'm a real contradiction here, after all, no one is going to want me to sign their Kindle? And there are some REALLY cool bound books out there. If you ever get the chance to find the first edition Myst books Rand and Robyn Miller, you'll have to admit that the pages are a real treat to admire. Oh yeah, the story is great too. :)

All this boils down to it takes a lot more to be an author these days!
I have been working at my goal that I have set for the year and...
While I have been writing, I have also been spending my time building a website and looking at places to promote my book in my ongoing goal. Promotion time! Getting my name out there. Also I have an author email and looking at places to promote my book. So far with the website up and my blog going and just one post to one ebook forum I've sold 0 books in January!    (CORRECTION: I've sold 1 Yes!) Yes a rocky start indeed. -_-
On my list of things to get done for the next two weeks for my post:
  • Get some head shots of me done. I have a friend that wanted to help with this, but we have to firm up a time.
  • Get a press release biography done.
  • Put press release on press release like websites!
On the other side of the coin, coming home on Tuesday to find the large pile of books sitting there waiting for me, they tell me just how much my reading has been backing up. While I have been enjoying my books on tape for my commute, all my free time has been spent writing and not reading. Part of me wonders if that is really a bad thing or not. I mean a large portion of the craft is reading what others have wrote, it's suppose to be insightful or something. I do agree with this, now that I have been writing more, I look at how others write and use it to improve my own style.
See you in February!

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  1. Just FYI? A lot of the reviews you read on line were written by professionals and paid for by the company. Ask me how I know... (I refuse to write these, but I see the requests for them all the time.)

    Still willing to help out with your press releases.