Monday, February 27, 2012

Zombies and Taxes

Authors and taxes:
I was doing my taxes when I found to my surprise, a lot of what I bought on my own dollar and thinking that it would be lost forever, can come back to me as a tax break. I mean I know how businesses work, but I never once thought about the fact that my work as an author also makes me a business with the ability to claim computers, software, props for research, even trips taken, can all be considered expenses that the government will let you write off. It's something that I'll be using more this year as my book like expenses start to stack up.
Current Editing woes:
I've got chapter 1 and 2 buttoned up for beta review and I'm deep into the slogging through Chapter 3. I'm not getting through this as fast as I'd like. When I was working on the first book, I didn't have half as many other novel projects going on as I do now. I've had to split my limited time to three or more projects at once. I've been told to not worry so much about it, but I can't!
I'm setting myself a goal to have a chapter a week done with second draft.
Things that I love:
(Supper ADD random time GO!)
I love the sound of a sharp pen writing on a pad of paper, authors will describe things like "David could hear the cop take down his information, the officer's pen scratching over the note pad." I'm not sure if scratching is the right name for this amazing sound. And you can even go as far as to talk about how it sounds different for block writing vs. cursive.
And Hockey:
Thanks to a friend, I was able to get tickets to a Thunderbirds hockey game and he showed me the real fun of having club seats! Totally awesome and totally convinced the wife that we have to get season tickets. Now we just have to get the team be better. ;)
A moment of depression:
I had a moment of this over the last two weeks, where I learned a friend of mine's landlord not only sold her book but had become a New York bestseller.... Kill me. I found myself for the next two days doing nothing but obsessing over it. I looked up the book, looked up everything I could on the author. I EVEN in my hunt found and looked up her agent's info (and found reviews of the agent) It wasn't a moment I was proud of, I'll be honest. But after that I just kept working and I'm back to my happy-self. I woke up Sunday slipped out the door for my coffee shop feeling better about everything. I was off to talk with a co-writer about a web project...this brings me to my next topic....
The wide world of zombies:
I have to say that as of the last 6 months I have been beat over the head with Zombie stories, skits and images! I have to say I'm about done with the undead, it's a subject that just won't die! So what's a better idea than to start a story about ZOMBIES! Ok this may have not been the turn you would have taken, but here I am. My friend and I are co-authoring a web book called From Beer to Apocalypse. If you think about it, please tell everyone around you that is breathing (Zombie joke!) and has an internet connection. It's a story, and it's free! We are going to be posting a page a week (about 250 words). Feel free to give feedback and make comments as you read. I really want to make this as interactive a project as it can be.

Find it here: From Beer to Apocalypse

Current sales:
1 sale; 1 Prime borrowing. I call it a good month! :)
On a last note:
This weekend I had to say to say goodbye to a good friend of mine, I had known her for almost twenty years. I can't think of any time in my past where I have had to go through something like this. Gillian Kirkpatrick will live on through the family she has raised. Everyone of them are the most open, kind people that you'll ever meet.
God Speed, my friend.


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