Sunday, April 12, 2015

Think of shows as old friends

Today I’m having one of those “I’ve got the chills” moments.  Then, I thought it would make a great blog topic. That never turns out well.
I was watching the opener for one of the many anime that I obsessed over years before. And as I sat there watching it, here is what I was thinking…
I want you to think about a book, or movie, or TV show that you grew up with.
In the moment it really shaped your life. Over the years, when you think back, it’s like a longtime friend. Now, let’s say you’ve bumped into this show at your local coffee shop. Remember how much time you two spent together? How they understood you, and amazed you with their eye opening imagination?
Now, it's years later, you look at them and you wonder, “Hey buddy. Do you still have it? Can we still be the best of friends?”
I’ve come to find… That the answer is: no.
While that story was a great part of your life, and you’ll never forget the times you spent together. Not even for all the tea in China. You simply can’t go back. 
Your tastes were different. It was a different world. You’re older, wiser, and/or more mature. Maybe you've finally had that lobotomy you’d been saving up for. All these things could contribute. Or maybe, deep in your heart of hearts, you know it really wasn’t that good.
Then, there are those remarkable few stories that no matter how much time passes it’s still your best friend. You two can carry on like they only walked out of the room to get another beer. I find myself thinking of those from time to time.
I’d started a top 10 ten list of my favorite stories but I rarely find time to work on it. 5th Element, Wizard of the Grove, Orange Road and I”s are just a few that I never get tired of. I mean it. I’ve seen 5th Element twenty-seven times in theaters and I can’t even count the times I’ve just sat on the couch watched it from cover to credits.
To be clear, I rarely read/watch anything more than once. There just isn’t enough to time to experience it all before I’m dust.
Sorry,  this post has been mostly me rambling.

From Beer to Apocalypse: The Second Round
If you’ve been waiting, and I know most of you haven’t been. This Tuesday, the first page of From Beer to Apocalypse: The Second Round will be released. It took longer to get moving than I expected, but now the waiting is over.
Prepare yourself!


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