Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm prepping for my first review.

I completed my first chapter rewrite and sent it off to my writing friends and support group. This will be the first feedback that I have gotten from people that are not my wife. I used to think that she was cruel in her feedback of what I have written, but as I spent a little more time writing and leaning about the space of writing. I came to find out that she wasn’t cruel at all. It comes down to the fact that we have different writing styles and interests this can make it hard for her to give feedback.
On the other hand I’ve always been a little jealous of her; I feel that she’s always been a better writer than myself (Because she is). This is something that I’m sure you too will find in your writing, it’s just like everything else in life. There is always someone out there that is better than you, this is no reason to give up. In many cases this is because they have been doing it longer than you (And sometimes yes they are just that naturally talented, grr!) Let me let you in on the biggest secret to writing that no one seems to know.
That right! You need to write something and then write some more and when you have a free moment write!
You don’t always have to be writing novels. Sometimes you just write a few lines that come to mind you. Hell you can start a blog perhaps? Why do you think that I’m doing this? If you enjoy writing, then you’ll have no problems taking the time to practice!
Here is what you are going to do, go buy a small notebook and keep it on you. Moleskin makes the best little books ever! You can find them at Borders, it’s where I get all mine anyway. But really anything will do. Even a few pieces of paper folded in half if good enough.
Next time you get an idea write it down! Take some basic notes on the idea. This doesn’t have to be a whole novel idea, just something small will do. Then I want you to out a character from any story you have into it. In my experience the more out of place the character is the better! Put a space alien in a car repair shop, he has to make enough money to buy the parts for his space craft to get it flight worthy. (Oooo Crap where is my notebook!)

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