Friday, March 5, 2010

Sure lets start

This is something that I have wanted to start for a…long time now. I’ve wanted to put together a space where I can talk about thinking through and writing out stories. In short, I’m looking to talk through my adventures in trying to become an author.

While my dreams of writing started years ago, I’d have to say that over the last two years I’ve gotten focus around this idea and now I’m pushing even harder to get myself into “The Game” you could say.
After taking a class I’ve focused myself into making two rather rough drafted manuscripts both just over 50,000 words. Both of these books were done through the project and I have used that as a wonderful catalyst of writing evil.
This is where our blog will start with the editing of my current two stories, as I go along I’m sure that I will fill in the “Spark” as I’m already thinking through thoughts for my third manuscript.

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