Thursday, May 10, 2012

And rest it!

Okay, enough talk about how busy my writing is, because you know it, you've known it for few blogs now. Let’s talk about other subjects that would be way more fun of they were accomplished by a normal person.  OH yeah almost at 30K words in manuscript. :)

It’s been full weekends the last few weeks I’m hoping this one will be a little slower. I still think I’m going to a Death Cab concert this Sunday so all is not lost in the life of being too busy to breathe! I have a work flag football team call the “Coasters” and we play football for the flimsy excuse to bring a keg to every game and drink ourselves stupid. We get the bye this week so that adds to my relax time, trust me it’s a lot of work getting 20 people and keg together. You’d think this would just fall into place for ya.

I may have some good friends of mine moving into our small town of Milton, I don’t know what I’m going to do if that happens. I’ll have never lived this close to friends since I was like 12. Even growing up I’d stopped hanging around with the kids in my own neighborhood by then. I’m thinking about how we can have fun with a favorite football team town rivalry thing this fall.  Oh the options. Anyway I’m super stoked but I’m trying to not show it till it’s done and official.

Books I’ve read this week:
Stay Close, by Harland Coben –  Murder mystery, thriller,  Very well done, I actually learned a few things about how I want to write from this one. I will have to read a few more of his books soon, this is a genre I’m not used to.

The Boyfriend List, by E. Lockhart – YA, Romance, I don’t know why, but I couldn’t put this one down. There was nothing that stood out about this book, but I enjoyed it and finished in like hours. It’s not a long book, and very slice of life. Good times. Pick it up.

Perfect Chemistry, by Simone Elkeles – YA, Romance, I read this one and the Boyfriend List because I wanted to read books that were in subjects that I’m currently wring in my own manuscript, Oil and Water. While I enjoyed the other, this one started good but by the end I couldn’t believe in the main characters anymore and the end was too sappy for me to take, and that’s saying a lot. Don’t pick it up.

Darkest Powers Bonus Pack, by Kelly Armstrong – YA, Supernatural, I’m currently reading this one but mostly done. Just some small short stories wrapping around the 3 book trilogy, this work fills in holes. I always like her stuff so you know the answer already that I’m enjoying it.
Current music you should own:
Silversun Pickups – Neck of the Woods. It’s been on pera-repeat in my music players.

See ya next week!



  1. I AM STUPID BUSY WRITING, TOO, and I don't know why I just shouted that at you. ;) But I can't help saying it, because it's true!

    I envy you your reading pace. I'll add you to my Readerly Friends group on FB, okay? You can share your reading finds there. My goal for this year is 10 novels before I play another game on my Kindle. I think I'm on book #1. I've always been a fast reader, but honestly...writing so much does get in the way, for me. That and homeschooling four kids, I guess. ;)

  2. Yeah Red, hook me up with your group! Looking forward to it. I found I've been reading more as the years pass. :)