Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rock Writing Week In Review.

A while back I was trying to find the word counts for the Harry Potter books and you know what? I couldn't find the true numbers anywhere.  
Ever hear that phrase, "Stop looking for something and it will show up?" Well here you go, I was reading a article on TAXES! and near the bottom of it was the exact data I was looking for. Love it. 

In other news I've been writing like a mad man, I'm about 16k into my 100k manuscript for Oil and Water. Sundays so far have been a great day for writing. Last Sunday I started this work and I got out 4K  and then worked a little each day after. This Sunday I did 6K in one day, it's a first time best for me. I'm rather impressed, the most I've ever done in one day before this was 4K.  
Also I'm still writing on From Beer to Apocalypse, page 10 just went up, it's the second page that I've written after page 3 and 4. Del has been doing the plot setup pages and I have been doing many of the reaction pages. I’m starting to see a theme going on here, but it's working so you don't mess with what works right?  

I really liked doing the Red Tash interview, I have to send her another thank you mail.  Now that I have done one, I'll have to find a good place to ask others, that I can subject them to my twisted humor. It's fun to branch out to other authors, and then I'm given the opportunity to ask them any questions that I want to know about them! WOOT! 

Also I promised Red my Wizard book list: 

1.     Wizard of the Grove. – Tanya Huff
This is one of the most epic feeling stories I’ve ever read, every character in the book was lovable to me and I found myself caring about them so much that I did cry and laugh at their adventures as they happened.  The build up at the start of the story goes against what a lot of people teach in writing an opening. Maybe that’s what I love about it so much.  It is my favorite book ever; it’s almost time to read it again. I wish they would get it on the Kindle.

2.     The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern
This is more of a story of pre World War One magic users and one of the best I’ve ever read.
It was poetry that told a story, and I found that I came to love each and every character and I felt myself pulling for them so much I’d grip tighter when the drama would come. It’s a must read for anyone that enjoys a love story, a story of magic, a story of families, all are wrapped well together so well in this book.
Take the time to read this one, you won’t be disappointed

3.     Stealing Magic – Tanya Huff
This was a set of short stories that she compiled to make one novella and it has to be one of the most brilliant stories about a Wizard ever. I can only strive to live up to making a character this amazing.  Magdelene, the worlds most powerful, and laziest Wizard.  Anyone that writes anything about magic should have to read this book, love or hate it.

4.     Harry Potter Series  - J K Rowling
This sounds rather default, but I’ve not seen many complete worlds of magic that was both involving and fun. The story is better because how much there depth to the world there is and it allows you to lose yourself in the story and the world. I do hope she comes back to tell more wizard stories in this world.

5.     Dime Store Magic – Kelley Armstrong  
This is just one part of a whole world of supernatural girls, with this book they focus on Paige Winterbourne. She’s a witch that works magic in a modern day setting. I like the idea of how magic lasted through the ages and that magic could just be around any corner.  Armstrong puts a great twist on how magic works and how it’s hung-on and not gone extinct.

Last week was major all over the place, yo. 
Tuesday I was in Portland to watch the Matthew Sweet Girlfriend 20th anniversary tour. I remember when that CD came out...20 years ago?! Really? Damn it I'm getting old!  I took two good friends and my brother with me and made a day trip out of it. On the way we hit a German restaurant in Vancouver (Washington), Gustav's. If you get the chance to go, it's a must. I had the Lamb shank, AMAZING! On Wednesday in Seattle, I went to see Matthew at the Triple Door. I spent the money for a VIP table (table 11, totally get it if you can for any show) and made a date of it with the wife. It was worth every penny and them some.  
As he fished “Sick of Myself” he turned and tossed the pick he’d used for the whole set. I looked up and thought. Oh shit that’s going to be close! I was wrong, it wasn’t close. It was dead on. One bounce in the seat and then it dropped into my lap. There was a moment of panic as we tried to figure out where it gone to, then I looked and there it was against my jeans. The ultimate memento of a two-night trip. It's one of those once in a lifetime experiences and I so honored that I got the chance to do it.  
Here are a few pictures to leave you with. 


Here are some pics that turned out ok on my phone from the show :
Seattle Triple Door

 Portland Aladin 

The pick toss by Matthew

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  1. Very intriguing, my friend! Thanks again for having me. You MUST go to Universal IOA sometime. It rocked my socks off!!!!