Sunday, July 22, 2012

Working with a flat wheel

I'll get to my blog in a moment; I just wanted to give sympathy's to family and friends of those hurt in the Colorado Springs shootings. Everyone should be safe to enjoy art, stories, movies, and life without the worry that someone being so selfish as to take it from them maliciously. This is to the people who lost their life following their passion, and to those whom had one of their favorite stories darkly tainted.
Don’t' forget what Batman is about, regular people standing up against the atrocities of the wicked.

My title this week is because I dislocated my left pinky playing soccer and is in a splint. I play keeper, so yes I'm the only man in the WORLD that can hurt their hands while playing a foot sport. Go me. I'm letting the swelling go down, but I might be taking a trip the finger doctor guy. If it still feels like this in a few weeks I don’t see how I can avoid going under the knife. It's going to be awesome time, really, I not even lying that much right now. I took a picture then thought better of posting it, you're welcome.

The weather around my house has been hard to follow, while I read about the rest of the US living in an heat wave, Seattle finds its self unclear. The weather moves between 80 and sunny, to 50 and downpour. I'm used to Seattle having wet winters and dry summers. But the last two years this has been the case. It was kind of fun to watch Seattle be the only place in the contiguous United States that wasn't suffering from some kind of heat wave. This year I wonder; is world weather shifting?

Ok I’m kind of an addict right now trying to catch up on it all. I really didn’t think that much of Felicia Day other works, but this has been fun. It’s less formatted and more just about what they want to do and I’m the first person to tell you I’m behind that kind of internet play, 101% If they can keep it up and rolling I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do.
If this is your kind of place you should also check out: - I place that I have loved following for years, I still miss Dustan. - Del and I never miss a week (mostly because I won’t let her) - Angry Video Game Nerd (when not making his movie) and interesting looks and movies.

I'm not really that big of a gamer; when I was younger I always thought that I was. I did play a lot of games, and I owned even more. But, I think, of all the traits that make you a gamer; you have to finish games you start. The easy ones, the hard ones (so hard they make you toss controllers about the room. Maybe they should make controllers out of super-ball rubber?), I found that I rarely finished a game and when I did, it was an RPG. I didn't really think about it at the time (just I believed I was a crock of a gamer that needed to keep his horrible deeds under wraps), but I think what kept me playing RPG games was the story, not the action of Contra or the castle crushing antics of Super Mario Brothers.
I've said this a few times my favorite game series was Lunar, I did a blog article a while back when I guest appeared on Amber's blog. I enjoyed doing that so much that I pulled out my collection and looked it over. It was good, but it wasn't...perfect.
I had the first Sega CD Lunar with the original cover and the two complete remakes for the PlayStation, also I had some of the strategy guides wrapped. But I was missing the Lunar 2 hardback strat and I didn't even own Lunar 2 for the Sega CD. From the day after that blog, till now I've spent time looking for and putting together the rest of what was released. In both US and Japan.  I give to you…the list!

Houston, we have Lunar.
Mega Drive:
Lunar, Lunar 2.
Game Gear:
Lunar Walking School.
Sega Saturn:
Lunar, Lunar 2, Lunar Walking School
Sega CD:
Lunar (First ED cover), Lunar (Embossed cover), Lunar 2
Manuals: Lunar, Lunar 2
Lunar, Lunar 2
Manuals: Lunar, Lunar 2
1 Ghaleon punching puppet. (Not pictured)
Game Boy:
Lunar Legends
Lunar: Dragon Song
Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Collectors ED
Manual: Lunar has about the best website ever for the game and It has stuck around for a long time now. I hope it's always there.

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson - It was an interesting read, it falls into more of the darker YA I have been seeing where Amy’s father dies and she’s left behind while feeling that everything that happens is her fault. The story is a very interesting trip across America going against the rules her mother placed on her. I didn’t feel they completed enough plot threads to make me happy.

Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb - Keeping with my theme of only reading books that start with A in the title, I've added Robin's book to my pile of "too much stuff to get through". After spending a whole weekend around her and my wife spending a sometime with her at Comic-Con, I thought I should get the know her writing better than not at all.  Just started, but well written. I'm already given the impression that this isn't your typically authored book.

Ted – It was cute and it was fun, but I don’t see myself buying it till it’s in the Wal-Mart discount bin. It was fun to watch, but it was basically like watching a live action family guy episode
Cars 2 - Okay people, what was the problem with Cars 2? Was it juts not funny enough? Was something missing? I mean I felt it had all the points I'd expect from a Pixar movie. I think if people liked Brave they should have liked this one. Note: I've never seen all of Cars 1, just parts while it played in the corner at home. I liked it, so there.

Pedro the Lion - Next up on my tour of collecting the completed works of tour; Pedro. I've owned Control and Winners Never Quit. I've followed up buyin: It's Hard to Find a Friend, Achilles Heel, Whole EP, The Only Reason I Feel Secure, Progress, and Tour ED '04.  Thank you Amazon MP3.  When I create my next sublime character, you'll know why. Still the music is amazing.

Beach House, Bloom - I picked up their newest CD Bloom for 5 bucks, I was told about it by my brother. It's very dream pop, something I'd say I first really liked when I heard...

Summer Twins - They opened for Mathew Sweet when he came to town and after listening to Beach House I needed to some dreaming surf funk sounds, they fit the bill nicely. But I needed something harder so I listen to...

Helmet - Some hard-core surf punk, I could do this all day

But I won’t I’m massively behind on my editing, so much I’m not even blogging about it!
Good day!

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