Monday, July 30, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

Olympics, Olympics, OLYMPICS!
Man I have been waiting a long time for them and now they are here! Ten full days of international sport at some of the best and strangest games that the world has to offer! I have to give big props to NBC and all the work they are doing to make sure that viewers get to see every minute of it. I'm guilty of using all my laptops and my TV to make sure I have as many games on at once as I possibly can. Saturday alone, I had Men's Doubles Badminton, Archery, and Woman's Handball all at the same time.
A second issue that I'm having; I don't think that I'm going to be seeing much sleep. This next week, games start at 1am and go ALL NIGHT LONG. I've already stayed up to 3:30am opening night to watch the first sports and Sunday at 6am the US Men's Basketball played.
Of all the sports that are currently being played, I think that they should make the TV show "Wipeout" as one of the sports they run. They could do use three different obstacles as "heats" for elimination into the metal round (AKA: the Wipeout Zone). They also have to keep the hosts of the show. I believe that it would make Japan and the US as the favored countries going into the Olympics.

Other games I believe should be Olympics sports:
Indoor Soccer -
Note: I'd like to see it with turf though.
Skateboarding -
Yo-Yo -
Note: The Flog also has a part on Yo-Yo tricks.
Human Tetris -

What better way to get some editing done than to go to the beach!
Sunday we took a trip out to Ocean Shores, the weather was amazing and I had some of the best company ever. 

I'm not going to say I got a lot of editing done, but...a little. :)

Pulp fiction:
Checkout this article from the UK.
Pulp fiction -
Chuck Wendig is quickly becoming one of my indecent, independent, writing heroes and is mentioned in the article.
Pulp Fiction is something that I've been pushing myself to do for just over 3 years. The Dinatech series is pulp fiction, I started book one wanting it to be set of novellas, and when I write book three I'll be keeping to the same format I envisioned.
When I saw this article I wanted to say something about it, maybe even something profound. But what can you say? He's right, the pulp of the past is gone, everything has changed and it will keep changing. You either get on the damn bus or you sit on the porch of your house and yell at the kids. "Get the hell off my literary lawn!" Don't need a book to tell a story or even words. You don't even have to be the one telling the whole story either, video games tell stories and let the reader (for lack of a better word, I thought about experience-er) find their own path. There are even other ideas that this article doesn't talk about, there are so many YouTube famous people out there now. Everyone of them has a passion they want to fulfill and everyone of them is a creative artist. Blog, Vlog, Flog, so many people sharing so many ways.
The other point I think the Guardian's article tries to talk about is how e-book writers are want to become the next pulp authors. The writer suggests that the idea of what makes great authors is still very much still up for debate. I think about it and say; you've got legends of the past and then current literary icons like JK Rowling (that are now even celebrated in the opening of the Olympics). Then you have writers like E L James, and others that are first getting noticed through fanfic. They are putting twists on stories like Cinderella, and adding zombies to Pride and Prejudice, vampires to Abraham Lincoln's days. Even stories where all they do is add the word "f*ck" to every other sentence. But people keep saying that they like these things and who am I to say they can't have what they want? Who am I to say it's not good when they obviously enjoy it.
My point is, it's always going to be in debate

What I'm reading:
Household Stories by Brother Grimm - This is for a class that I'm taking online that debates Fantasy and Sci-Fi, you're going to see a lot of strange books here over the next 10 weeks. Sorry. So far, I'm the only one that I know that's enjoyed reading these.

Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong - I'm not really reading this yet...but it's just sitting in the middle of my table watching me, asking me to read it. It's the last book on the Otherworld Series. Has it really been over ten years now? I almost don't want to read it, if I don't, it will never end.

Nothing this week, and nothing next as the Olympics and edits are to be obeyed at all times. Lame I know.

The Delgados - An older band that broke up, but I found them in my iPod and every time that I do I always find myself putting their collection of work. 

See ya next week!

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