Monday, July 9, 2012

There is nothing wrong with a Brazilian falling through the ceiling

“There is nothing wrong with a Brazilian falling through the ceiling”
-          Mike Shepherd

Ok this is quote may have been taken way out of context from a Westercon panel but I really loved it.

It was Westercon 65 over the weekend and it was only my second Con ever. I didn’t even know what I should expect, but I didn’t think that it would have been that awesome! I have a lot of people to thank so let me get the list.

First I want to thank my friends at the NWIA, they were fun to hang with, and they kept positive when it was very clear this was not a con that should of have had a dealer’s room. I think our highlight was when Guest of Honor, Robin Hobb came by and talked with us for about 10 minutes. Well it was for me.
Next, to all the authors that I met and talked with during the con, wow!

David Silas – Great chatting with you about my books, and your feedback was wonderful. You have changed my story ark so much and you don’t even know yet.

Susan Matthews – I read over your notes and hope that all my action scenes will deserve that kind of praise.

Gregory Wilson – You are an amazing panelists, your feedback was even better, your right on my grammar and I think in the end what you said is right, I need to care more and show that. 

Anna Sheehan – You stopped me on the way out of your panel to talk with me. The advice was well received, I promise you.  I’m going to buy a copy of your German book so I can put the cover on your English one as you loved it so much more!
I’m so glad that I got the chance to connect with you on YA writing, I’d love the chance to do it again soon.

Robin Hobb – Who has a picture of my back up on her blog, forever I’ll be part of Hobb’s blog HAHAHA! But I do want to thank Robin, she has to be about the most down to earth Guest of Honor to have ever done a con. I can’t tell you how many little conversations I had with her and even had some questions most wouldn’t ask answered. 
My favorite question to ask was what her favorite Pixar movies were.
Answer: Incredibles , then, Up. She has not seen Brave yet.
Also she saved my friend from being crush by a door, and signed all the books she brought to the Con.

And lastly, I want to give a very special thanks to…
Mike Shepherd – After a panel I asked him if he had two minutes to talk, he said sure. We moved down the hall to another room and he didn’t give me two minutes, he gave me a whole hour. I had a very well published, and Guest of Honor for Orycon, answering my questions, one on one no one else there. He was very patient and was willing to sit there for as long as I wanted to talk his ear off. I couldn’t believe it, I was very, very, honored. And if you haven’t bought every one of his 15 books, do it right damn now!

Those are the big ones that I wanted to thank; there were many, many, many, more that I didn’t name and its shame on me that I didn’t give them all the credit they deserve.

On to the details!
This was the best Con for west coast authors, ever.
This was not the best Con for west coast Sci-Fi fans.
Norwest con and Comi-Con is your fan con headquarters for the west coast this year.  (I haven’t been to Orycon yet, but I’m betting it will be more fan friendly as well.)
Westercon, welcome to the writer’s wet dream.
It’s was a small con of about a thousand I’d say, and I’d say 65% writers, the rest were made up of dealers, artists, costumers, and filk. There weren’t as many panels and so unlike Norwescon, there were a lot of panelists from other panels sitting in the audience with you enjoying the conversation too. Really awesome stuff.   Also the groups were smaller in most panels which translated to more open discussion and more of your personal questions getting more attention. It was really wonderful. 
Also there was more debate and ponder panels on, types of dragons, bad guys, things of this nature. Norwescon it was more how to and first time panels.
I’m not sure if this is the usual for this con, but I think that it should be. I loved to see a con, once a year where you have to manuscript under your belt to get in. Nothing published, but you have to show that you are indeed writing, or blogging or whatever. I learned so much and not knowing if I’ll ever get the chance to do so again, I’m lucky to have been a part of this one.

I sold a book on Amazon Saturday and I don’t know who to, I’m all jumpy when I think about a stranger looking at my book,  I get worried they won’t like it!  But I’m glad that I sold a book!

I’m going to be heads down in the rewrite, of Corporate Policy, till August 1st. With all the feedback in I’ll have my hands really full with that. But I’ll try and keep you all in the loop!
Oil and Water has been set to the side at word count of 82K, I knew it was going to happen, but I really hoped I’d have been closer to done, I set out for a 100K manuscript and I’m looking at 160K. It really is going to be a fat pony.

Books I’ve read:
Saving Zoe by Alyson Noel – Good book, I liked that it was darker for a YA read and it used a dairy for a plot moving prop. It was a good change from what I have been reading as of late. It’s also got me thinking about starting up my own dairy.

500 More Ways To Be A Better Writer by Chuck Wendig – Foul language and not safe for work jokes make this the best book on how to write ever. Its more tips on what you should and shouldn’t be doing and less on the direct craft. I recommend it to anyone that has started a manuscript.

Movies I’ve watched:
A new area I thought I’d put down.

2010 – Old movie, but it was on Netflix and I wanted to check it out again. I’m glad I did. Such a lovely story. Now that I’m reading more I may go and pick up all the books and start going through them.

American Reunion – Funny movie that is really a more an “Oh remember this actor?” kind of plot. But it was a good laugh reel, and that’s what these movies were all about. I will say some of the actors don’t seem like they have aged a day, creepy!

Aimee Mann – I’m just going through anything and everything that she’s released; I’ve been picking an artist once a month to fill out my collection with their music. This month it’s been her.

Oh and BAM! See ya there!


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