Monday, December 17, 2012

It's time for a change!

Today, any typos I make I’m going to blame on the Microsoft Surface

I thought I would give it a try and see how well it could work as my mobile authoring tool. If I find that I’m liking it, I might replace out the Mac Air as my mobile tool of choice. There are still some major issues that would need to be figure out. Like right now I can’t use Scrivener on the RT. I’d have to upgrade to the pro when it comes out early next year. I’m also not sold on the windows version of Scrivener, I’d have to take a better look. But it might be fine to when I’m on the road and I can use the Mac version when I’m at home and ready to do final work on a story.

The week has been amazing, I’ve gone from looking at my first proof copy of my paperback book to seeing it for sale on Amazon. I hope to do some promoting of the book as I go, but I’m going to be happy getting back to doing the pen monkey work more.

The irons in the fire right now are; a Young Adult book, a comedy, a magical fantasy, and I’m working on a Vampire romance book per my wife’s requests. Already decided, I’m going to be finishing the YA book first, I’m already 90k into it. Once I have that done, I’m going to sit back and see what’s next. I want to submit some work to for feedback for Westercon, which needs to be done by May. I also hope to run or be part of a panel this year. It’s another one of my goals.

But all of this is just steps to my goal of getting published. This is the next real hurdle. The money be damned, if I can get a book on the shelf with a publishers’ logo on it. My goal will be made. I’m not going to be delusional that I could make King like money or something, just I’d like to say for sure that I’m a published author. I’d like to go to a party and say “Yes, I’m published.” And I don’t have to say “self-published”.

In other news I’m trying to relax a little more, I even spent a few hours over the weekend playing video games and I cooked dinner. I haven’t done much of that as of late.

I’ve also been thinking about dropping coffee as a drink again, I don’t like my dependency on it. But to do so would mean breaking contact with some people I have come to think of as friends. It’s a tough decision to make.


What I have I been reading:

A Clash of Kings (Book two of a Song of Ice and Fire) by George RR Martin – This is a big enough book that I’m going to be reading it for a few weeks.  I hear how heart breaking this series is, I’m firm believer in loss for gain. I wonder what I’ll be saying at the end of book 5. If you can put up with the ups and downs I recommend giving it a read.

What I’m listening to:

Lana Del Ray – I found her through some cheap MP3 deals and I’ve been really happy with what I found. I went back and picked up her first album. I will warn you, I don’t think her music is for everyone. But it is for me.  Her voice is quite lovely.


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  1. Gasp!

    No more coffee time? Nooooooooo...

    Ok - perhaps that was a bit melodramatic. I guess you could always drink tea instead :)