Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rolling out the new year.

Happy Holidays! I hope all yours have been…happy? I guess I already said it, demanded it. But I didn’t ask it, how rude of me.
21st came and gone...role call. Everyone still there? Good, good. Will try again next year.

I needed to mail something for the first time in … forever. Meaning I had no stamps. Meaning a trip to the post office! Walking through the door, I found they’d removed the stamp vending machine (I blame budget cuts) making me wait in line with the other three people needing to mail things out of Milton. I was standing there admiring the different box sizes when the lady before me said “I need a roll of stamps.”

Immediately my mind went “WOW” the very idea, a ROLL of STAMPS, was the coolest thing since the invention of shock therapy (something else I may need). I marched right up to the counter and asked for my very own roll of stamps. Forty-five dollars later I was sitting in my car hugging my stamps and saying, “Now what?”

Only I could find a way to make an impulse buy at the post office.

A roll consists of a hundred tightly rolled (obviously) stamps for your mailing pleasure.
Isn't it beautiful?
Don't worry they leave you in the end.

I’ve used one, and at my current rate of use. My son will inherit this roll.

I’ve started to come up with some ideas of how I could better put this roll to use.
One idea is “Strippers” I just love the idea of twenty dollar stamps that you can just sick to a strippers…umm…butt. Maybe I could mail girls about the room to my friends, just by “attaching” a stamp.

Mail me other ideas, better yet. Give me ideas and I’ll mail them to myself.

I don’t think I’ll get another blog out before 2013 so here is my list of things I’ve done:
  • Finished and published my follow up book: Corporate Policy
  • Put out both my books in one paperback volume: Dinatech Series Vol:1
  • Read more this year than ever before.
  • I’ve put down 100 books against my list
  • Drove across the US
  • Went to three writing conventions
  • Wrote more blog post than last year! – I did slack off through the end, but all for good reason. Something had to give and I needed my book out.

I’ve got a few goals for next year, and unlike last year; I don’t have complete control of them, the master goal is find an agent. Everything beyond this will be gravy. :D

What I’m reading:
Song of Ice and Fire will be on the list for like the next half year, so I’m going to just assume you know this.

250 Thing You Should Know About Writing by Chuck Wendig – I follow his twitter, I follow his blog, I can blame on a friend of mine. Buying his books I can only blame on Chuck, because they’re funny as hell and filled with quick, sweet wisdom about writing. If you are thinking about writing anything I encourage you to give it a read. Get used to hearing the word “motherfucker” he likes it, and uses it like most people use salt.

What I’m listening to:
North by Matchbox Twenty – More specifically “Put Your Hands Up” They got a little digital on this CD, and while it shocked me at first. I enjoyed it. But I find that one song seems to get stuck on infinite repeat…


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