Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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Normally I don't do a blog this soon, but I wanted to help push the love with the whole cross blogging thing!
I've been given the honor of being on Red Tash's Wednesday blog and if you haven't read it here is a link:

Everyone say hai to Red!
I'm reading her book This Brilliant Darkness , pick it up if you get the chance.

And on to a few other things that are KILLING ME:

Ads, I’ve had just about enough of ads. Sweet Baby Jesus, I can’t even go to my favorite sports page without having to fight through a sea of ads just to READ what they have to say! Okay, it was annoying enough when it was ads at the top and along the right side, but now they are coming up in the middle over what you want to read and you have to click very carefully at a close link, in the hopes that it really does close the ad and not just click you through to a spyware laden page of doom.
I work very hard to make sure anyone that wants to read my stuff has an ad free experience as I can give them and most of the people that I really like to follow are the same. Such as Sara Dessen's page, I have to give that girl props for how clean her site is. I think that, as much as it's going to hurt me, I'm going to avoid places that use aggressive ads even if it means missing articles by my favorite writers. I'm just done with it, totally done. If I want ads all over my page it better be awesome porn!

Another thing I'm finished with....
I am FINISHED with the re-write of Corporate Policy!!!
It's been a long few months but it's ready for my beta reading team, then once I'm done going through the feedback it's off to my copy editor. There is still a long few months of work. I still have a lot of graphics to get done as well. I want this one to come together a little nicer than the last book. I said that I wanted to get the book out about mid October, but I think that I might try and push for September. Also as promised, I'm going to be doing a dual release of the first book and second book in paperback. 

I have to make some choices, do I write a new book idea that bubbled up in my disturbed head or go back and do the re-write for Devil N' Jack. 

I could really use some feed back from you all. Do I walk into another rewrite or do I go off and play with my new idea. Jack is a book that I wanted to agent shop with, but Oil and Water could be a good shopper product for a Young Adult audience. 

I was talking with my wife and she did raise another great point about what is hot on the market right now, it's not just YA books, it's Sci-Fi YA.
I told her that would be easy I would just add a laser to my book and then it could be Sci-Fi as well. You see, as the end of every chapter I could write about the laser gun!

Chapter 1
Blaw blaw blaw...
Some where in Kentucky, a man thinks up a laser gun.
Chapter 2
Blaw blaw blaw...
A man in Kentucky patents his laser gun.
Chapter 8
Blaw I love you blaw...
A man makes a laser gun.

You see, Sci-Fi! That wasn't so hard was it?
I'll call the book: "A love story and a laser gun"
There are just so many ways that I could go right now. GAH!
I'll be at NorWesCon Friday and Saturday and I'm bringing a crap ton of post cards to give out to go along with my add in there flyer book thing of goodness.
Last order of business, can you tell me if twice a month for a blog post is enough? I could try and push them up to once a week but they would be shorter.
SO: Longer and twice a month OR shorter and once a week


  1. Thanks for the shout out, homey!

    When I finished the first draft of Troll or Derby, I thought I'd jump right into rewrites, but my mind refused. I had to write some new stuff first!

    Good luck!!!

    1. I hear ya, I can't do rewrites myself. I need to let slip from my mind a little before I look at it again. It keeps me from getting too close to the work.
      I've spent the last two weeks in workshops and doing a little background work for my next book a YA idea! :)